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About the Air Technology, s.r.o. company

Our experience with the implementation of various devices for environmental engineering, cooling and air-conditioning as well as our participation in research and development projects of our partners are the guarantee of flawless functionality and benefits for you or your business.

We are developing and looking for new technologies and interesting methods. For you and our common effort in delivering.



Company history

The company Air Technology, s.r.o. was founded as a subsidiary of Air Klima, s.r.o. that has been in the market since 1993: It had been built on the expert team working together in the implementation od innovative air-conditioning systems in leading Czechoslovak enterprises before that date.

An important part of the company’s activity were the deliveries, installations and service of the AL-KO AeroTech products – especially of the DUO and S lines – including their continuous modernization and adaptation to the requirements of the Czech customers. Among these, we can mention the distinguished providers of data and communication centers – Český Telecom, Telefonica O2 and UPC. These activities are provided by the company even today.


Our vision

The Air Technology, s.r.o. company, from the very beginning, has set out the goal to supply solutions with high utility properties, with a minimum impact on the environment and with long sustainability. Economy and ecology are not only marketing terms for us. Since the 1990s we have systematically used effective and cost-effective solutions, technically well-made and designed reliably.



We are the holder of the ISO 9001 certificate so we make every effort to continuously improve our corporate processes. The products and systems supplied by us – whether from our own production or from our sub-suppliers – are always fully qualified for the installation in the Czech and European markets, they have the Declaration of Conformity or the Construction Certificate.

Air-conditioning units from our production plant are certified by TÜV – SÜD and VUPS Praha.

Air Technologz s.r.o.

  Why Air Technology ?

  • Own development of products – Czech manufacturer
  • More than 20 years of experience – guarantee for implementations “without surprises”
  • Honest work, open discussions, taking responsibility
  • Drive to the goal
  • Very interesting offers
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