Control systems

Control systems – Measurement, regulation and control of processes


We are concerned with the delivery of standardized systems of measurement and regulation (MaR) for environmental engineering – especially for HVAC and air-conditioning – as well as with special custom-made applications. We are a partner center of the Siemens company, the leading global supplier of advanced automation solutions with a long-term cooperation in the field of control and measurement technology.

Air Technology ensures everything – from the preparation of project documentation to the manufacturing of control distributors – light and heavy-current parts, control as well as service software, complex installation.

In case of common requirements in the control of flows, temperatures, humidity etc, we guarantee reliable solutions in a short period with the use of proved modular elements, including the fulfillment of requirements on the remote access and comfort user handling.

Our capacities also ensures the development and manufacturing of special equipment, including those for R&D and education.


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