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EnviMatic precision air-conditioning

Úspora 70% nákladů The precision EnviMatic air-conditioning units with free cooling utilize the cooling potential of the external environment.

Almost all the year round the country environment makes it possible to obtain a sufficient amount of cold to cool the manufacturing/computing technology.

Thanks to this, these machines excel in high investment returns. We guarantee significant ecological economy and long-term reliability.

Comparison of cooling systems consumption:

Porovnání spotřeb systémů chlazení

Air Technology has been dealing with the delivery of precision air-conditioning systems for almost two decades. We are able to offer our customers unique know-how in design as well as a reliable and economic process of cooling using the EnviMatic units.


The parameters of the units and the manufacturing process have been certified by the TÜV SÜD company and VÚPS Praha (Building-technology Research Institute in Prague).


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The basic properties of the EnviMatic units include the following:


  • Safe operation thanks to high-quality components and the use of the redundant backup mode
  • The possibility to operate in a boost emergency cooling mode
  • Fulfills requirements on the minimum and maximum temperatures
  • Fulfills requirements on the minimum and maximum humidity
  • Maintains the prescribed overpressure/underpressure in the technical areas
  • Suitable air filtration or a complete separation of the process and cooling air
  • Ensuring the quality of air for the presence of human operators
  • Custom-made modifications for non-standard spaces or performance requirements




  • Customer-oriented production process enables for manufacturing of units beyond the standard product line. This is advantageous for example for requirements on different spatial arrangements, adjustments of setpoints or for a different method of waste heat usage.
  • Contact us; we are ready to deal with your requests.



If you are a customer or an end user, we will personally introduce you the possibilities and advantages of the EnviMatic system with free cooling, including the options of financing and funding related to the possible reconstruction or expansion of your existing equipment.



If you are a project office or a supply company, we are ready to negotiate very attractive conditions with you for the installation of the EnviMatic units and other modern cost-effective products in your projects and with your customers.

Documents and information

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  • Project drawings:

In .dwg /.dxf upon request.

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