Air Technology
our sophisticated technology - maximum benefit for you

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precision air-conditioning units for data centers, switchgear stations and other industrial applications.

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AL-KO HVAC units
top German quality and energy efficiency

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MTA chillers and heat-pumps
A wide variety of sources of heat and cold from the leading Italian manufacturer

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Air Technology

Air conditioning, air treatment, heat or cold supply and energy management – all these are processes that are important for all of us.

The Air Technology company delivers modern air-conditioning systems, sources of cold or heat as well as control systems that contribute to work and life in a nicer and healthier environment.

Air Technology delivers all the products and services without compromises in performance and reliability, with respect to nature and other people.

What Air Technology deals with

  • Implementation and engineering

    First, we will prepare an implementation plan, then we will ensure the legislative issues and finally we will coordinate the sub-deliveries. We can offer you a unique online access for particularly important projects.

  • Klimatizační jednotky EnviMatic

    We are able to offer our customers unique know-how in design as well as a reliable and economic process of precision EnviMatic air-conditioning systems.

  • Vzduchotechnika AL-KO a MTA
    AL-KO a MTA

    The AL-KO and MTA air-conditioning system ensure the increase of energy efficiency and reduce the impact on the environment. Take a deep breath and enjoy the perfect air.

  • Měření a regulace, řízení procesů
    Control Systems

    We deal with the delivery of standardized systems of measurement and regulation (MaR) for environmental engineering as well as special custom-made applications.